WIESBADEN, Germany -- "The Bavarian state government believes in the need for a strong defense," explained Bavaria's Minister of the Chancellery Marcel Huber as he greeted representatives from U.S. Army Europe, July 21.

"We are proud to host units of the U.S. Army in our state," Huber continued. "We only ask for balance; it is easier to explain to our constituents your presence, which invariably brings increased noise and traffic, when we can also explain that your presence is balanced by increased employment opportunities for local nationals and increased expenditures in our communities."

Leaders from U.S. Army Garrisons Ansbach and Bavaria, 7th Army Training Command, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, the U.S. Forces Liaison Office to Bavaria and U.S. Army Europe's headquarters represented the U.S. Army at the meetings.

Huber is essentially the chief of staff of the state government of Bavaria, working directly fort the state 'governor,' Minister President Horst Seehofer. The meeting was arranged by the U.S. Forces Liaison Office Bavaria.

"Bavaria is Germany's largest geographic state, boasts its strongest economy, and is home to a political party that is part of Germany's governing coalition," said Mike Anderson, director of U.S. Army Europe's Host Nation Relations office. "From a U.S. Army Europe perspective, Bavaria is also a reliable, gracious host to the bulk of the command's combat power and to home to our prime training locations."


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