Event has provided two decades of "eggcitement"

FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- The Defense Acquisition University Easter Bunny made his 22nd appearance Saturday afternoon at the Exceptional Family Member Program egg hunt.

EFMP is designed to proA,Avide information and supA,Aport to families with members who have special needs. The Easter egg hunt is one of the many program events where the EFMP families can meet other famA,Ailies.

The egg hunt began two decades ago by enlisted perA,Asonnel at DAU who wanted to give back to the commuA,Anity. It has become one of the EFMP's most popular events.

" Participation in these fun activities has often led to the development of life-long friendships among EFM families. The hunt is recreA,Aational, but, also functions as an information exchange where parents can talk about their challenges with other parents who underA,Astand, and can offer supA,Aport," said Ewa Fabijanczyk, EFMP assistant.

DAU teamed up with Protestant Women of the Chapel at Fort Belvoir to provide this year's event. DAU provided the space, events, and Easter buckets the children would use to put their eggs in. PWOC doA,Anated 57 Easter baskets with candies, stuffed aniA,Amals, books, and games for each child to take home.

In addition to the egg hunt, the children and their families took part in bowlA,Aing, taking swings at a piAfA+-ata, egg decorating, cupA,Acake decorating, and face painting.

The Easter Bunny's granddaughter, 11-year-old Madison Carlson, has been face painting at the egg hunt for the past three years.

" I keep coming back beA,Acause when I'm done paintA,Aing, each child has a huge smile on their face," Carlson said. " I love doing this beA,Acause you feel so good after you help someone."

The Easter bunny took pictures with the kids and walked around giving highA,Afives. When asked what kept him coming back he said, "the children are great, they are all so sweet."

Fabijanczyk said a big thank you goes to DAU, Donna Reece coordinated this year's event, the Easter bunny, and all of the volunA,Ateers in the community for their long-time commitment and dedication to special needs families at Belvoir.

" I would like to encourA,Aage all new EFM's families arriving on the installation to visit the EFMP office," Fabijanczyk said. The office is located at 9800 Belvoir Rd., Bldg. 200 or call 703A,A805-2967/5435 for more inA,Aformation.