Advanced and Basic Camp 2nd Regiments, gathered together at Fort Knox's Olive Theater June 27 to hear Brian Pauling talk about leadership.

Pauling began by asking, "Which person are you, a prisoner, the person is who was forced to attend the briefing; the vacationer, the person who is glad to be here because it means they don't have to do their work; or the person who is willing to learn from this experience.

"Most of the cadets answered with vacationer, Pauling had a mission to change those cadets minds in hope of having them leave with a different mindset than when they came into the briefing.

"I was a vacationer, there was a lot of things that we were doing that I wanted to get away from," said cadet Daneiao Bridges, Alcorn State University, Jackson, Mississippi. "Now I have become more of the person who wants to get out and experience new things."

Pauling showed a small clip from the movie "One Band One Sound" which showed the cadets that they are treated as one just like how the band members are told when one of their members is late to practice.

"The most important thing goes back to the 'One Band One Sound' movie clip, we are all together, we are one big family, if one person looks bad, we all look bad," said Bridge. Cadets are seen as one, they work together to gain leadership skills, and Pauling emphasized how being one is stronger than alone.

"The qualities of becoming a better leader, I love to lead my platoon as well as the qualities of leading them into the right direction," said Bridge. "If one person fails we all fail, is there is one bad apple it makes us all look bad, if someone takes something from the dining facility we all have to pay for it."