Fourth Battalion, 1st Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Armored Division Artillery, recognized newly married couples in the unit during a couple's recognition day, June 23, at the Family Resilience Center, here.This event aimed to help newly married Soldiers strengthen their relationships and educate new Army spouses."This helps empower our military families," said Lt. Col. Thomas Caldwell, commander, 4th Bn., 1st FA Regt. "We want to educate the spouses about the military life."Approximately 36 couples who got married within the past 18 months participated and were given a chance to join a round table panel where Soldiers and spouses ask questions about married life in the Army.The panel consisted of couples in the unit who've been married for 10 years or longer, along with representatives from Army Community Service, Military Family Life consultants and a chaplain, Caldwell said.The newly married couples filled out cards with their questions anonymously and they were put in a box, Caldwell said. The questions were then read during the panel and answers were given as advice to everyone.Furthermore, it gave the couples the opportunity to ask advice from their leadership in their respective batteries."It also gives them access to their battery chain of command," said Caldwell. "The battery commanders and first sergeants along with their spouses sit on the panel, as well."As the Soldiers and spouses were recognized, they were also given information on resources they can use in the military."The major takeaway from this recognition is communication," said Caldwell. "We want them to know that we care about their families and we are here to help them."The participants learned life lessons and received a better understanding of military life."It opens our eyes to a lot more resources the Army provides than what we thought we already have," said Pvt. Daniel Mayaladd, a newlywed Soldier with Battery C, 4th Bn., 1st FA Regt."It also helps point out things that we could work on better in our relationship, even though we already have a strong foundation in our marriage," added Kassandra Mayaladd, his spouse.The event not only helped the couples understand military lifestyle but it also allowed the leaders to understand the Soldiers and their families."It helps me as a leader to understand the perspective of the Soldiers and their families," said Caldwell. "It's helping me and all the leaders in the battalion to get to know our Soldiers and be able to take care of them properly."