Grafenwoehr, Germany (July 7, 2017) -- Standing on a dim-lit stage in front of peers and family members proudly clapping were four new Sergeant Morales Club members.

Staff Sgt. Metogbe Ahouelete, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment (1-4 IN); 1st Sgt. Jennifer Langes, 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2CR); Staff Sgt. William Threadgill, Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC); and Sgt. 1st Class Alfanso Martinez, JMRC, were awarded the SMC medallion and an Army Commendation Medal at the Tower Theater, here, July 7.
Standing next to the new SMC inductees was Nicole Wallace, a family readiness group adviser in the 2CR, who received the Dr. Mary E. Walker award.

The SMC promotes the highest ideals of integrity, professionalism and leadership for enlisted service members serving in Europe. The membership is gained through a rigorous and competitive process.

Among actively participating in volunteer events, the process would require candidates to study regulations and publications, build an extensive leader's book and present all the information they know to the members of the board. The boards are just as much about the participant's Soldiers as they are about the participant.

Sgt. Morales was a leader who knew everything about his Soldiers. Those interested in becoming a member of this club will be challenged extensively in this area of knowledge.

"The club doesn't make you who you are," said Ahouelete.

Inductees have the above mentioned qualities, which they would bring to the club.

"It is an elite group," said 1st Sgt. Shanell Williams, the secretary of the club. "I say that because the noncommissioned officers who are willing to be a part of the group, knows what it means to give back."

Selfless service is one of the Army's values, so what better way to display this value than to be a part of a club whose focus is volunteer work.

The club volunteers its time and efforts by helping out at the local Freecycle Center, routinely serving dinner at the USO, and supporting The Veterans of Foreign Wars through on-post clean-ups.

"Anything that involves volunteering, the SMC tries to jump on board to put ourselves out there to show that we are here to support the communities in a positive way," said Williams.

The club is perfect for those who are looking to give back their time in an effort to improve the community, lead and mentor fellow Soldiers, and interact with other leaders to exchange information and develop contacts. Anyone in the ranks of corporal through sergeant major are encouraged to apply to the club.

For more information you can reference: or the Army in Europe Regulation 600-2.