Motivated permanent Department of the Army civilian employees assigned to USARPAC from across the Pacific have the opportunity for a career broadening leadership development program to prepare for positions of greater responsibility.

The Emerging Enterprise Leaders Program (EEL) is a one-year program, scheduled to begin this September with the nomination period open now through August 11.

"This is a very selective program, designed to build the bench of future Department of Defense civilian leadership," said Mary Weiss, USARPAC's Civilian Human Resources Director.

Interested civilians GS-11, GS-12 and equivalent must secure their supervisors endorsement before their packet will be considered by a USARPAC selection committee in August.

The program will include four components: mentoring, self-development, a team project and a developmental assignment.

The self-development period consists of working with a mentor and supervisors to encourage self-exploration and professional development.

The team project will last about 45-60 days and require employees to collaborate with other EEL members on a real-world command designated project.

The developmental assignment is a 45-60 day period where the employee works full time outside of their traditional duties at a location and department to be decided.

Nominations will be considered from across the USARPAC enterprise including Hawaii, Korea, Japan and Alaska.

Supervisors are asked to endorse high performing employees with demonstrated potential for leadership positions.

In addition to selecting the right candidates for the EEL program, USARPAC is also looking for mentors to be part of the upcoming program, contributing their valuable experience and knowledge.

For more information on the application process please message: or DSN: 808-438-2592