TOBYHANNA ARMY DEPOT, Pa. -- Personnel in the Systems Integration and Support Directorate are once again able to carry out paint removal processes in a cost-effective and efficient manner following critical repair of a state-of-the-art system.

Laser technicians from Adapt Laser Systems replaced a damaged fiber optic waveguide on the high-power laser paint stripper. The fault presented potential failure of the system and safety risks for technicians using the machine.

Chris Paulic, a sandblaster in the directorate's Support Operations Division, said a minor yet significant upgrade was also added to the system.

"The LED indicator light was relocated to the top of the handle, which lets whoever is using the machine know when the laser is on and if there are any interruptions," he said.

Previously, the light was on the side of the machine making it hard to see when the laser was active.
Tobyhanna is also working with Adapt Laser Systems to have a portable laser paint stripper designed to use on mobile depot maintenance missions. Ron Scarnulis, lead industrial engineer in the Production Engineering Directorate's Mission Modernization Branch, said he expects to hear more on the effort in the next several weeks.

"Adapt Laser Systems has asked their engineering department if they can develop a system weighing less than 100 pounds," he said.

After the machine was returned to the depot, a training instructor from Adapt Laser Systems provided safety and operation training and issued Class 4 Laser Trained Operator identification cards for personnel who completed the class. According to Scarnulis the training was "hands-on and very detailed."

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