Fort George G. Meade, MD -- We are pleased to announce the arrival of Paul Bickford, Doctor of Chiropractic, as he will be an essential part of the Musculoskeletal Team at Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center (KACC).A Minnesota native, Dr. Bickford has been practicing medicine for 12 years. "I really like being a chiropractor; I really like helping people."Previously, Bickford practiced as a contractor at Brooke Army Medical Center, TX and this is his first time in this area."I saw the DA Civilian GS announcement here at Fort Meade and noticed that the position was only posted for very short time." Bickford applied right away, "I was very lucky; first I thought I didn't have any chance at all. But, when I heard the news that I was selected, I was flabbergasted."Bickford commented that the transition process took a while because of the hiring freeze and background checks but glad he is here. "People are friendly and I really like the setting and the atmosphere.""The best part of moving to this region is the appreciation of the smaller clinic." Bickford continued. "When patients reach the plateau of the treatment, I can refer to other clinics like pain management; KACC has the capability and capacity to modify to other modality and resources."Major Genny Gudorf, Chief of Musculoskeletal Clinic, is glad to have Dr. Bickford join the team. "We've had about a year gap without chiropractic services and service members had to be tolerant and sometimes travel to Water Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) or Andrews AF Base for chiropractic services."Gudorf said that Dr. Bickford can provide another option to the Active Duty Service Members; chiropractic services is a great treatment modality in addition to physical therapy and pain management. "We're really happy to have him. He is friendly, a go-getter, and fits the team well.""Patients were definitely excited to hear that chiropractic services will be provided here at KACC," continued Gudorf. "We started getting inquiries while Dr. Bickford was in-processing. Soldiers are happy to have chiropractic services along with primary care here at Fort Meade. It was very inconvenient for many to travel to WRNMMC or other medical facilities."Bickford and Gudorf emphasized that the KACC Chiropractic services are provided to Active Duty Service Members only and each patient must be referred by their primary care manager.Bickford is still looking forward to meeting the KACC team members and continue to provide medical readiness to the active duty population.Bickford is also interested in adding additional modality to his practices. "I am interested in learning about the acupuncture to enhance my knowledge and promote health and readiness for the military community."Other services that are available in the musculoskeletal department include physical therapy, orthopedic services, sports medicine, neuro-musculoskeletal evaluation, and therapeutic exercise. Chiropractic services is only available for Active Duty Service Members however, all other musculoskeletal services are available to all TRICARE beneficiaries, including retirees.As for now, chiropractic appointments are readily available but, Gudorf predicts that the referral process can take up to 4-6 weeks in near future.KACC provides primary care, selected specialty care and same day surgery for TRICARE Prime patients; provides occupational health services to civilian employees within the Fort George G. Meade U.S. Army Medical Department Activity's extensive area of responsibility throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.