NATICK, Mass. (July 6, 2017) -- The U.S. Army Garrison Natick welcomed a new garrison commander during a change of command ceremony July 6 in Hunter Auditorium on the installation.

Lt. Col. Bryan Martin received the garrison colors from Davis Tindoll Jr., director of the Installation Management Command's Sustainment Directorate. Martin takes over from Lt. Col. Ryan Raymond.

"The Army doesn't train its officers to be garrison commanders," said Tindoll, "but it does develop leaders -- leaders who are capable, innovative and motivated to handle the challenges of this type of command."

Martin comes to Natick after three years as an operations officer on the Joint Staff's Deputy Directorate for Special Operations and Counterterrorism.

"Bryan, as an accomplished athlete and Ranger, you surely remember hurting in places you never thought existed," said Brig. Gen. Anthony Potts, Natick's senior commander. "Well, I think you'll find yourself challenged in ways you never thought you could be challenged, as a garrison commander."

Tindoll expressed confidence in Martin's abilities.

"Bryan, I'm certain that with your demonstrated leadership, you'll build on the successes of your predecessors," Tindoll said. "The challenges are many, but I'm confident you'll bring great energy and excellence to the garrison and this installation."

Martin, whose family has Massachusetts roots, sounded as if he were ready for that challenge.

"Brigadier General Potts and the commanders of the Natick mission units, I look forward to working with you in support of your mission," Martin said. "Fifteen of my last 18 years in service, I've been a direct recipient of the products researched here in these buildings, and I'm absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to give back."

A Maine native, Raymond moves on to the National War College at Fort McNair, Virginia, but he has left a lasting imprint on Natick.

"Ryan and his staff have worked tirelessly to fulfill our vision of NSSC, which is 'One Team Committed to Soldier Success,'" Potts said. "He and his garrison team worked relentlessly to improve communications across the installation and cultivate partnerships -- often on infertile ground. Under Ryan's leadership, we'll just say, lions occasionally laid down with lambs. So, thank you, Ryan, for making that happen."

Tindoll pointed out that Raymond envisioned improvements at Natick and didn't let obstacles stop him from making them reality.

"He has postured the garrison for success, molding the organization to grow in efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility," Tindoll said. "He instilled commitment in his workforce, ignited the team's energy and challenged them to perform to a higher standard."

Raymond confessed that he had come to Natick two years ago largely unprepared to lead a garrison.

"I truly enjoyed the challenges of learning this job, but not nearly as much as the garrison staff enjoyed teaching me," Raymond said, jokingly. "I've never been witness to a more committed and cohesive community in my life.

"The way this team comes together to support our nation from the confines of this mini installation in this small town is truly remarkable."