FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- The Fort Rucker Intramural Softball regular season came to a close as two teams battled it out in the final game, and although one team came out on top, the other team earned the title of league champions.

The A Company, 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment, Pitches Be Crazy, took on the 1-13th Avn. Regt., Swift and Deadly, and although the game went to Swift and Deadly, who won 15-2, Pitches were crowned as league champs since they had the best record throughout the season --going undefeated until the final game.

"We played four games so far this week and this was our fifth game, and we started the game short with only nine players, so we had to take an out at the start," said Capt. Kevin Dobbin, coach for Pitches Be Crazy. "We didn't have 10 to start on the field, either … but it's all right, though. We'd rather lose now than lose in the playoffs."

Pitches took to the plate first with only nine players to start and got off on the right foot with a base hit, but three pop ups later were making their way into the outfield as their opponents took their turn at bat.

Fresh off of another game, Swift and Deadly took to the plate, and although they had just played a full seven innings, managed to start with a base hit to get a runner on base.

The 1-13th team followed up with a line drive for their first out, but came back with a triple to bring in their first run to be the first on the scoreboard.

Swift and Deadly managed another base hit to bring in another runner, and although they suffered another out, they managed to keep the ball on the ground to load the bases, setting them up to bring in additional runs, but a pop fly to right field ended their time at the plate, ahead 2-0.

Pitches didn't start the second inning off too hot with a pop up for their first out, followed by another pop fly to center for their second.

They managed to find a gap with a shot to center for a triple, but they couldn't build on their momentum and went back into the outfield still scoreless.

The 1-13th, though, were able to keep their momentum going with base hits after base hit, and managed to bring in a run within three batters.

Swift and Deadly continued to find the holes in their opponent's defense and keep the ball on the ground to bring in run after run, then followed up with a three-run home run to take a commanding 8-0 lead with just one out on the board.

The 1-13th wasn't done with the home run, though, and the ball continued to slip through their opponent's gloves as Pitches couldn't seem to keep up, and by the time the 1-145th got back up to the plate they were down, 15-0.

It was no secret that the 1-145th had their work cut out for them going into the third, but they weren't up to the challenge as three pop ups ended their time at bat.

Swift and Deadly's momentum faltered during their time at the plate, and two pop flies and a play at first ended their first inning, scoreless.

The 1-145th team weren't faring much better going into the fourth with two outs early in the inning, but the winds seemed to shift with a double, followed by a triple to bring in their first run to avoid a shutout.

They seemed to roll with their momentum as they continued to keep the ball on the ground to bring in another run, but their luck wouldn't last long as a play at first ended their streak, behind 15-2.

The 1-13th couldn't get back their previous momentum and managed to put the ball right into their opponent's hands to end the fourth.

Going into the fifth, Pitches had to bring in at least three runs to stay in the game, but things weren't looking good as they racked up two outs within three batters.

A line drive to left field sealed their fate and the game went to Swift and Deadly, 15-2, but despite their loss, Pitches Be Crazy were still crowned league champions.