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USAG DAEGU, South Korea -- United States Army Garrison Daegu's "Emerging Leaders Creating Unity by Engagement" is a nine-month program that is comprised of multiple class sessions and one capstone garrison project designed to facilitate achievement of the program's stated objectives. It was formed by a multi-disciplined team charged with developing and implementing the Garrison's Commander's intent.

EL CUBE is composed of leadership lectures and team projects such as the marketing strategy of the Equal Employment Opportunity command climate survey. For the end of the program, USAG Daegu employees and the Garrison Commander Col. Kenneth T. Stephens gathered for the EL CUBE 2017 Graduation Ceremony to recognize the participant's accomplishments, June 28, 2017 at Camp Henry command conference room.

"I am completely impressed by your dedication and ability that everyone had shown through EL CUBE 2017," said Stephens. "I want to acknowledge this graduation, for the students that spent the last nine months inside the ELCUBE course. I was also happy to plan and execute with all students and mentors. We all made this program together. This August or September, EL CUBE 18 will begin again. I hope many people will be interested in EL CUBE."

"It is a really good phenomenon that we sit down as a group whether we are in a boss or employee relationship and just talk about the ways to get ideas from everyone," said Ingrid Walsh Brown, director, Directorate of Human Resources. "I want to say thank you very much for all of the hard work. I also expect what I will see through next EL CUBE 18."

After Stephens and Walsh-Brown's opening remark, Stephens gave graduation certificates and USAG Daegu coins to students and mentors to recognize their contributions that resulted in teams, diversity and creativity within the Garrison.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for Korean and U.S. employees," said Aileen. S. Nagai, mentor of Team Evolution, Resources Management Office. "EL CUBE is about empowering team members to do their own projects. It definitely helps them to be a good leader. Through this project not only for them, but also for me as mentor, I can learn how to calm down members and what can I can do to step toward a better position."

"I am proud of myself that I did my best," said Kim, Kyong-suk, Team Evolution. "I want to say thanks to our team members and mentor who cared for me. This project really helps me to grow up as a leader. I hope many Korean staff become interested in EL CUBE."