A group of teachers, counselors and Army recruiters from the Houston, Texas area toured Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center June 27 as part of the Fort Huachuca Educator Tour.Participants were teachers, counselors and others who may influence career choices made by high school students.The group toured the various clinics within the health center, receiving information from Army personnel regarding their jobs and what they do on a daily basis. They toured physical therapy, radiology, the laboratory, preventive medicine, medical logistics and Family Care Clinic B. They also received a presentation on U.S. Army dental careers from Dental Clinic staff.The group of educators asked Soldiers different questions about their jobs, training, and how their duties translate into civilian careers.Lora Cherry, who teaches grades 7-12 at a high school in Flatonia, Texas, said she was impressed by the Soldiers and the level of responsibility they hold for such a young age."We met a sergeant who runs the lab at the age of 22," Cherry said. "As a civilian, it's hard to find someone that young holding a managerial role like that."Cherry added she was impressed with the Soldiers she met on the tour."The staff are very knowledgeable," Cherry said. "They did a great job explaining how their military training translates into the civilian world."