TOWER BARRACKS, Germany - Task Force Pioneer, under the command of Regimental Engineer Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment departed for Saber Guardian 17 June 27, 2017 from Tower Barracks, Germany.Dragoon Guardian, the name of the movement the task force is participating in, will take them from their home station, through Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Along the way, the Soldiers will participate in several multinational training exercises and community engagements to strengthen relationships with their allied and partner nations.The convoy is an exercise within itself. Soldiers, especially those in support occupations learn how to do their jobs while on the move with their work stations and equipment confined to their vehicles or in limited space.Sgt. Stephanie Dowty, a medic assigned to the squadron for over a year now has learned to do with less and get some great training. She participated in Dragoon Ride II in summer 2016 which drove up north to Estonia and provided medical aid to the engineers when they went to EUROTEX in France during October."I think it is pretty fun and I learned a lot, especially with the leadership we have," Dowty said. "We come across a lot of different situations (during a convoy) that you just get presented and we have to work through them."Medics assigned to the Regiment usually travel in a Striker Medical Emergency Vehicle or Humvee ambulance. They conduct medical operations along the route and set up an aid station at overnight stops for sick call."We make sure everybody gets through the convoy as safely as possible," she added. For a mechanic, a long convoy can be daunting, especially to Spc. Ryan Colosimo. He holds a specialized skill that enables him to rig and recover wheeled vehicles; that means he is tasked to drive the wrecker. He will also help work on the vehicles during scheduled stops."I love recovery, but I am not looking forward to driving eight hours a day," he said. "I think it will be cool driving through these different countries and seeing the different cultures. I probably will not like the roads though, because they will be really small and I am in a really big truck."This is Colosimo's first long convoy. His experience lies in the familiarity of the terrain at the Hohenfels Training Area. But, he is fully aware of the responsibility he holds to perform his job well out on the open road."(The convoy) is defiantly an opportunity I may never get again. I'm excited for it, but I am also nervous about it. I've got a lot of pressure on me," Colosimo concluded. "I will get out there, do my job safe and get back safe."Saber Guardian 17 is the largest exercise in the Black Sea Region this year. Twenty-five thousand military personnel from 22 allied and partner nations will participate in the annual event.