On the occasion of Women's History Month, we at Africa Command are proud to honor the contributions of women around the world.

I wish to recognize all women who serve our country, those who provide support and strength to their military spouses, and civilian and military women at our headquarters here in Stuttgart and on the African continent working towards a more stable and secure Africa and a better America.

American women have helped to shape the United States into what it is today, and they continue to play critical security, economic, cultural, political and social roles in all facets of our society.

As we celebrate this month, we see women at Africa Command making valuable contributions at all echelons of our organization. They are leaders and role models, demonstrating qualities and skills that are instrumental to the success of the full range of our activities and to our United States government as a whole.

As we partner with African militaries, helping them to improve their security capabilities and infrastructures, we strongly endorse the full recognition and appreciation of the vital role carried out by the women on our team.

Today, as we recognize and honor the contributions of women throughout history, let's also reflect on ways that we at Africa Command can help to enhance the lives of women in Africa and around the world.