SONGNAM, South Korea - The Korean Service Corps (KSC) Battalion conducted their annual KSC Mobilization Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) Drill at the K-16 Gym, June 21. The ROC drill provided a collective visualization of the mobilization process over time and how the organization aligns with all the subordinate commands in Eighth Army and other military organizations."The purpose of the KSC Mobilization ROC Drill is to create a shared understanding between U.S. and ROK (Republic of Korea) forces of the mobilization of the KSC and to deconflict the location, capability and timing of KSC in support of NEO (noncombat evacuation operations), RSOI (reception, staging, onward movement and integration), and sustainment operations," said Col. Frederick Snyder, chief of operations for Eighth Army.During the ROC drill, leaders from 8th Army, 2nd Infantry Division, Installation Management Command-Pacific, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and other units, provided brief presentations outlining their mobilization responsibilities and capabilities.Lt. Col. Adam Lowmaster, battalion commander of KSC, said that when they talk about KSC mobilization, they're talking about the mobilization of the Korean nationals from the ROK government to support U.S. forces during that mobilization for the KSC, which entails a large amount of Korean nationals 26, 450."When you look at the mobilization, it's mobilizing 191 companies that would support U.S. forces to be able to conduct combat service support functions throughout the Peninsula in the event of war," Lowmaster said.Although the ROC drill is conducted every year, the KSC shifts their attention to specific key targets that need to be addressed.This year their main focus was to look at the KSC mobilization from an operational and strategic perspective and to provide a visualization of KSC mobilization."The plan from last year did not necessarily mean that the plan would support the changes that occur this year," Lowmaster said. "Every year they have to validate or revalidate the plan based off of changes and based off of new requirements."For the Soldiers of the KSC, the ROC drill is very important because they know the strategic impact it has for all units across the Korean Peninsula.Lowmaster said, "If you look at the history of the Korean War, the Korean Service Corps served with the U.S. forces and at one point there were 100,000 in strength." "When you look at today, 66 years later after the Armistice was signed, its important for us to be able to integrate and synchronize with the U.S. unit. To do so in a large scale is not an easy task. That's why we are very much interested in that whole process."The KSC Battalion executes mission command of 2,185 KSC personnel throughout the Korean Peninsula in order to provide HET (Heavy Equipment Transport), Live Fire Support, Maintenance, Medical Evacuation, Air Traffic Control, Water Survival, and Linguistic support to Eighth Army and U.S. Forces Korea. It provides multinational support to the garrisons in Areas I-IV. On orders, expands to wartime strength to provide continuous support to the U.S. forces in Korea.