MANHATTAN, Kan. - "It was the 'I told you so moment,'" said Tricia Verschage, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Family readiness support assistant, referring to the moment March 14 when she crossed the finish line of the 31st Annual St. Patrick's Day Race in Manhattan.

Members of the Dragon Brigade competed in the race to create a tighter bond among the spouses of the Family Readiness Group and Dragon Brigade. It also became the metaphoric victory implied in the age old saying, "anything is possible," for Verschage.

Last summer, doctors removed a benign tumor from Verschage's leg and told her she would never run again. Verschage said her passion for running and determination refused to accept it.

"They said I was never going to run again," she said. "So, I talked and worked with my physical therapist, and I started running again about a month ago."

At the end of the two-mile St. Patrick's Day race, friends and Dragon Brigade Families were there to cheer her on as well as the others who participated.

"It was a great moment to see my Families and the Soldiers who I work with every day come together and bond in such a way where we're out here yelling for each other at the finish line," said Verschage. "We're pushing for each other and running with each other and to see that bond starting to grow is great, but it was great to do it for myself because I knew I could again, and I did. Nothing is going to stop me now."

This race was only the beginning of the activities the spouses of the FRG are planning to create a sense of community among the brigade's spouses as the Dragon Brigade prepares for its upcoming deployment.