USAG YONGSAN - The 2nd Annual 2017 U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Family & MWR Pet Expo took place June 3 at the Community Dog Playground, Yongsan Pet Care Center. More than 200 community members brought their pets to the event. Several vendors came out to provide pet-related information to pet owners. Pets enjoyed water sports at the pet swimming pool. Some pet owners dressed up their pets in attractive pet attire to compete in the pet costume contest. There was a pet talent show for pet owners to show off their pet's ability to perform tricks. Pets interacted with their owners, jumping and running around. "My dog, Coco, was last year's champion [of pet talent show]. We practiced a lot for the show, and I'm sure we will win," said Sun Oben, a participant of the pet talent show. According to Gina Nam, project manager for the Pet Care Center, the Pet Expo is the only event for pets held at USAG Yongsan. The expo is primarily a festival for pets and an opportunity for pet owners to obtain ideas on how to train their pets, Nam said. She and her colleagues aim to disseminate accurate pet-related information to pet owners. The Yongsan Pet Care Center provides various services for pet owners. For more information, please call 723-3291.