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Area IV has identified threats and hazards that have a potential to warrant a scaled response. These hazards include natural hazards, such as inclement weather, to man-made hazards, such as an industrial incident and terrorist attacks.

The Garrison Commander's intent is to have 100% of all residents capable of receiving an Alert within 10 minutes of verification that an emergency exists.

The documents below provides Area IV Families a step-by-step process to register for the Area IV Alert and Notification System (ANS). This system will provide 24/7 notifications of any type of emergency that could impact Area IV installations and cause harm to personnel or infrastructure.

The USAG Daegu Mass Warning and Notification (MWN) system includes a mobile notification smartphone application in addition to several other forms of notification such as desktop alert, email, phone, and text message. The AtHoc Notifier is a smartphone app which displays as a purple globe on your main mobile phone screen with the rest of your mobile applications. The AtHoc Notifier is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Please ensure that the Sponsor registers everyone in their Family on the Area IV Alert and Notification System on a Government/ Military Computer and all telephone numbers and emails are updated. If this is not done, you will not be able to receive alerts through the ATHOC App.

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