Grafenwoehr, Germany (June 14, 2017) -- The 7th Army Training Command's Joint Multinational Simulation Center (JMSC) hosted Saber Strike's Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL), June 6-14, 2017.The purpose of the evaluation was to certify the primary training audience, Multinational Corps North East (MNC-NE), as a high-readiness force as their mission focus is in the Baltic region, said James K. Axon, JMSC's chief of plans.There were 1,200 participants, 28 participating nations and more than 40 units who supported the CREVAL, while JMSC was able to provide the infrastructure needed.The CREVAL was a two-level exercise: operational and tactical, explained Lt. Col Sven Kästner, MNC-NE's officer of primary responsibility.The operational level consisted of a Joint Task Command (JTC), the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm. The JTC which was comprised of six response centers: air and maritime commands, a rear-area command, special operations, logistics support and psychological operations.The JTC's role was to use information provided by its six response centers to issue orders down to the tactical level, MNC-NE.The JTC was the secondary training audience which meant they were able to use the primary training audience's objectives to enhance their own readiness through this training.The MNC-NE, a land component command, used a mission command system, the NATO Mission Secret Network, to issue orders down to its four divisions: 12th Mechanized Division, Polish Army; 4th Infantry Division, US Army; Rapid Forces Division, German Army; and the Danish Division, Danish Army.