Story by Sgt. Daniel J. Friedberg
7th MSC Public Affairs Office

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - The 7th Mission Support Command's Headquarters and Headquarters Company has a new leadership team.

Capt. Ayahna N. Killings assumed command and 1st Sgt. Nikki S. Orr assumed responsibility in a combined change of command/change of responsibility ceremony June 10 on Daenner Kaserne.

The new team took over from Maj. Paul M. Nuernberg, the outgoing commander, and 1st Sgt. Roderick W. Hendricks, the outgoing first sergeant.

The ceremony was officiated by Col. Alexis M. Wells, deputy commanding officer of the 7th MSC, and Command Sgt. Maj. Raymond L. Brown, the command's senior enlisted leader.

Ceremonies began with Orr accepting and inspecting a sword symbolizing the transfer of responsibility as the company's newest senior enlisted Soldier.

In remarks after the change of responsibility, Brown applauded Hendricks for his leadership, energy, and poise in managing a large and complex staff unit where most Soldiers outranked him.

"He led from the front, enforced standards, and treated everybody with dignity and respect," said Brown, congratulating Hendricks on his upcoming promotion to sergeant major. "That truly is influence.

"He's the best first sergeant I ever had the honor and privilege to work with."

Brown then welcomed Orr to her new role.

"First Sgt. Orr comes to us with a wealth of experience," said Brown, explaining that Orr has a keen understanding of leading Soldiers combined with proven skills in unit administration.

"She also runs a tight ship," he said.

"I have every confidence you will be a great first sergeant and I look forward to working with you," said Brown.

Saying goodbye, Hendricks warned of how U.S. Soldiers in Europe remained in constant threat of terrorist attacks. Hendricks explained that knowing his Soldier's whereabouts had therefore become one of his major concerns.

"I was not here but a couple of days, and we had an attack on Paris, and an alert," said Hendricks. "We've got to maintain accountability of our Soldiers, we've got to know how to get in contact, know how to contact them fast."

In her first words to her new unit, Orr praised HHC's readiness.

"First Sgt. Hendricks, thanks, you have given me a giant, giant, hill to keep up with," said Orr.

Orr has been a first sergeant before.

"I enjoy being a first sergeant said Orr.

Wells thanked Nuernberg for his past leadership and welcomed Killings to her new job.

"Under Maj. Nuernberg`s leadership, Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 7th MSC has been recognized by United States Reserve Command and the 21st Theater Support Command for everything from their forward thinking training concepts to top-notch troop preparation and active family and unit support," said Wells.

"You have lead the way in providing support as part of United States Army Europe's initiative of deterrence against threats to our allies and partners," he added.

Welcoming Killings, Wells said the new commander has a great reputation.

"I've heard nothing but great things about her abilities," said Wells. "She respects and values her team, and I have no doubt she'll bring great ideas and enthusiasm to HHC."

Thanking his Soldiers as HHC's past commander, Nuernberg explained his philosophy of leadership.

"I just stand up here and get a whole lot of accolades for what you people do," said Nuernberg to the formation. "That's what leading is, getting something done and getting people to do it for you. You don't do it because you're told to do it, you do it because you know you're supposed to," he said.

Before closing his remarks, Nuernberg left the podium to give a hug of thanks to Hendricks.

In her first words to her new unit, Killings had special praise to Nuernberg and his team.

"Maj. Nuernberg, over the last few months I've had the opportunity to shadow you," Killings said. "Over this time, I've seen the great impact that you have had over these Soldiers and the commitment that you've had over these Soldiers and the commitment that you have given. I promise to continue that commitment as well."

Killings finished her speech quoting Theodore Roosevelt.

"When you're asked if you can do a job, tell them, certainly I can," said Killings. "Then get busy and do the job."