WAHIAWA, Hawaii - Thanksgiving came early to the residents of central Oahu, here, as Soldiers and family members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, "Broncos," 25th Infantry Division, lent a hand for an annual event held by Surfing the Nations, on May 25.

Surfing the Nations, a local nonprofit based in Wahiawa, held the annual "Thanksgiving in May" event for the residents of Wahiawa and Whitmore Village.

"Today we're partnering with Ruby Tuesday, and we're going to put on an event to provide food," said Lee McElroy, a volunteer with Surfing the Nations. "It's something like a Thanksgiving halfway through the year for the community of Wahiawa."

McElroy stated 15 volunteers from the Bronco family were helping to serve white and dark turkey meat, stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn to the nearly 200 attendees.

"I'm stoked that the military is partnering with us, and loving other people," he said.

Cindy Bauer, executive of Surfing the Nations, thanked the Bronco volunteers at the event and those who continually provided support for their weekly "Feeding the Hungry" food distribution.

Andrea Disque, spouse of Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Disque, senior enlisted adviser, 2nd Battalion, 35th Inf. Regiment, 3BCT, along with her daughters, joined in.

"We're serving food and handing it out," Disque said. "We all participated back in November for the same event. We are just helping out the local community. We usually come twice a month and try to do Feeding the Hungry while we distribute the food. This is a great opportunity to have a bigger part in a bigger event."

Her daughter, Lillian, played the violin for the guests who enjoyed their festive meal.

For some of the patrons, it was a meal that brought tears because of the difficulty in their life at present.

Rebeca LeMaire, spouse of Maj. Al LeMaire assigned to 2nd Bn., 27th Inf. Regt., 3BCT, felt gratitude for those enjoying their bountiful meal.

"It feels great helping the community," LeMaire said. "I brought my daughter with me to help volunteer. I enjoy it. I really like seeing people feel appreciative, especially the homeless."

For those in direst need, this was truly a Thanksgiving in May.