REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama -- With Memorial Day kicking off the "101 Days of Summer" and June being National Safety Month, two Redstone Arsenal commands turned their focus on the health and safety of their employees.

The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command and the Missile Defense Agency hosted their ninth annual Joint Safety Awareness Day and Health Expo to promote safety awareness June 8 at the Von Braun Complex on Redstone Arsenal.

"Today you are demonstrating your commitment to the health and safety of our workforce by participating in today's exposition," said Lt. Gen. James H. Dickinson, USASMDC/ARSTRAT commanding general. "Your small investment in time, to gain information and resources, better equips each of us for a safer tomorrow. The information gained at this expo may help us work individually or collectively to prevent an accident or tragedy at home or in our workplace."

The event was in conjunction with SMDC's 'Stand Up for Safety Exposition' located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the same date. During the event, Col. Tim Lawson, SMDC deputy commander for operations, awarded the 2016 Army Safety Excellence Streamers to the 1st Space Brigade and 100th Missile Defense Brigade at the command's Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, headquarters.

The purpose of the joint venue is to promote safety awareness; to minimize the risk of unintentional death, injury or damage caused by mishaps; promote proactive safety measures within the command elements in Huntsville and recognize June as National Safety Month. The day's activities focused on safety demonstrations and inspections performed by members of Redstone Arsenal, Colorado Springs and their surrounding communities.

"We need you to be safe, we need you to be at work because we can't execute the mission if you are not here," said Maj. Gen. Daniel P. Hughes, MDA director for Test. "Today is a great day to focus on safety. It is the first thing we should think about in the morning, it is the first thing we think about every time we go to the field, when we conduct a flight test, and it should be the first thing we do in our personal lives as well."

The Safety Day expo highlighted SMDC's and MDA's commitments to employee safety and health by bringing in local vendors to demonstrate and promote safety awareness.
Bobby Taylor, SMDC Command Safety deputy said the event is part of the command's Summer Safety Campaign.

"The importance of Safety Day is to raise awareness about important safety issues like: severe weather safety, distracted driving, boating safety, etc.," Taylor said. "We're not only looking at things to help you at home to be safe, but we're looking at things at work that involves safety every day.

"Today's success is due to the command emphasis on safety," he added. "The investment in safety makes us a stronger team. Accidents usually happen when least expected and they are all preventable. We encourage all Soldiers, civilians and family members to be mindful of hazards and always take the proper safety precautions."

MDA and SMDC employees and family members at Redstone Arsenal got a firsthand chance to learn about local safety and health issues unique to Alabama and the Tennessee Valley.

Exhibits and safety demonstrations in Huntsville included: Redstone Arsenal Police, weapons safety; Redstone Arsenal Fire, fire safety; U.S. Coast Guard, boating safety; Land Trust, hiking safety; Fox Army Health Center, bone density, automated external defibrillators, ergonomics and hearing conservation; Employee Substance Abuse Program; Mr. Electric, electrical safety; Redstone Arsenal Veterinarian Clinic, pet safety; Health South, stress relief; Federal Occupational Health, blood pressure checks; Alabama Holistic Health, stress relief; American Cancer Society; Natatarium, pool safety; Fleet Feet, running safety; Brister's Martial Arts Academy, self-defense; SWAT Environmental, Radon mitigation; Alabama Game Warden, wildlife safety; SARTEC, search and rescue technicians; Alabama State Trooper, impaired driving; and Redstone Harley, motorcycle safety.