WIESBADEN, Germany -- Birte Hackfort was recognized for a remarkable span of more than 40 years of service to U.S. Army Europe in a ceremony hosted by German Brig. Gen. Kai Rohrschneider, chief of staff, June 7.

Hackfort began her career with U.S. Army Europe in 1976 with the Office of the Judge Advocate, and in 1978 she transferred to become chief of maneuver rights for the Deputy Chief of Staff, Host Nation Affairs.

During the 1980s, when U.S. Army Europe still was 300,000-strong, had two forward deployed Corps plus a multitude of theater-level units, Hackfort's management of maneuver rights of these units was a huge job. She was fully engaged in managing and maintaining good relations with the Host Nation.

Since 2007 Hackfort has served as the German Deputy U.S. Forces Liaison Officer for Rheinland-Pfalz and the Saarland. In that capacity, she provides key assistance in furthering an important relationship with the German state that hosts the majority of U.S. forces stationed in Germany.

"Ms. Hackfort's continuity in working host nation relations, and her longevity in the position, helps establish a rapport and maintain working relationships that are priceless," said Steve Steininger, Hackfort's supervisor. "It takes years to build relationships and in our business, you can't 'dial in' trust and access."

The director of U.S. Army Europe's Host Nation Relations, Mike Anderson agreed.

"Birte is an integral member of (U.S. Army Europe's) Host Nation Relations team," Anderson said. "She contributes directly to our ability to maintain access, earn trust, provide transparency, and support training and quality of life for our families and Soldiers."

"As U.S. Army Europe celebrates its 75th birthday on June 8, it is comforting knowing that we have experts like Birte who have provided competence and continuity for 40 of those 75 years," Anderson continued.


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