Joint Base San Antonio, Texas (June 7, 2017) -- Army Medicine recently received the 'Practice Greenhealth 2017 System for Change' award. The award recognizes national health systems that are industry leaders in sustainable healthcare practices.Army Medicine demonstrated substantial success in a significant number of environmental and sustainability programs by using data and establishing system-wide goals and benchmarks.Additionally, 35 other Practice Greenhealth awards were earned by MEDCOM medical treatment facilities this year to include the 'System for Change' award by Regional Health Command - Atlantic. "Sustainability is not only environmentally and fiscally prudent, it is important to MEDCOM and Army readiness," said Maj. Gen. Patrick D. Sargent, Deputy Commanding General for Operations, U.S. Army Medical Command, and Chief, U.S. Army Medical Service Corps."Army Medicine's sustainability initiatives improve readiness through synchronized efforts, innovative strategies, and sharing of best management practices."Army Medicine's sustainability strategy includes designing and construction of high-performance buildings, incorporating environmentally preferable purchasing concepts in supply chain management and equipment procurement, improving fleet and vehicle efficiency, minimizing waste streams, implementing comprehensive nutrition programs, and supporting DoD and Army energy, water, and waste reduction."I greatly appreciate the many outstanding contributions our MTF's sustainability teams are making across Army Medicine and a special thanks to my G9 Sustainability Team, especially Ms. Kathy LaHaye, for tenaciously pursuing organizational excellence and supporting our MTFs," said Sargent.Army Medicine sustainability efforts will enhance the well-being of patients and staff, ensure mission-critical resources, and reduce the impact of climate change on health-related issues.Sargent stated that the medical facilities are dynamically changing their culture and their exceptional team work and dedication epitomizes the highest standards of the Army and Army Medicine. "I call the entire Army Medicine team to action in supporting the initiatives and goals outlined in our Sustainability Policy 16-112. Sustainability is everyone's responsibility, and requires your active and aggressive individual engagement," urges Sargent.