"As a military brat myself, I know the importance of creating meaningful memories being so far away from home," said Senior Class sponsor June Wilkins. "Each year, it is important we make sure those memories happen for the kids." The ceremony is sure to be a momentous occasion for everyone involved, including families. "Graduation symbolizes growing up and leaving the nest," said Senior Class treasurer Jennifer Mitchell. Emotions will be high, as class members will separate from one another to attend various schools or begin careers. "We are moving on from the consistency of middle and high school, into what lies in front of us," said Senior Class president Amy Arnold. "The future is unpredictable. Graduation is the last thing we are sure of, making the moment even more emotional, memorable, and anticipated." Walking across the stage and receiving a diploma is a monumental occasion in a young person's life. On the morning of June 10, the class of 2017 will take their diplomas, leave their high school careers behind, and embark into the future.