WAIALUA, Hawaii- Military Police Soldiers from the 58th Military Police Company, "Workhorse," 728th MP Battalion, 8th MP Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, conducted a company validation exercise (VALEX), May 22-26 at Makua Military Reservation, here.

The weeklong exercise validated the company's tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used in preparation for their upcoming mission to Guam. The VALEX will help to sharpen their core MP competencies, while the Guam mission will offer many opportunities for the deploying Soldiers to increase their readiness and to expand on their MP expertise.

"I've never done critical site security during a deployment, so I'm excited to learn and to become a more knowledgeable leader," said Sgt. Samantha Hall, a squad leader.

Hall said that while most of the mission objectives she and her Soldiers have executed so far during the VALEX can be related to their job when working the roads here in garrison, she takes the training further by ensuring her Soldiers are able to do her job.

"I try to get my Soldiers on the same knowledge plane as myself, so if I were to go down, they know what to do to take over the position," said Hall. "It's very important for everyone from the lowest level to know the mission."

"It's what makes a mission successful," added Hall.

"Workhorse" Soldiers conducted training on everything from critical site security, area security, route reconnaissance and surveillance, as well as, base the fence and Quick Reaction Force response.

"They are getting after it every day. We're improving our fox hole, our TTPs and our systems and processes," said 1st Sgt. James Rutherford, the unit's senior enlisted advisor. "They're doing a phenomenal job and I'm extremely proud of them."

The unit is replacing "Team Sword," from the 552nd MP Co., 728th MP Bn., who deployed earlier this year and are currently supporting the Task Force Talon security force in Guam.

Rutherford added, "Our Soldiers are trained and ready. We are more than ready to get down there and assume that mission."