Thanks to a change in AAFES policy, family members shopping at Fort Benning AAFES facilities no longer need to present two forms of identification with their Social Security numbers when paying by check, getting a refund, or cashing a check. The policy, already in effect, is a response to the Department of Defense's move to gradually eliminate Social Security numbers from all CAC and Teslin ID cards by 2012. "It's less hassle for family members," said Ken Brewington, general manager of Fort Benning AAFES. The first phase of the ID card change is already in effect, allowing family members to opt not to put their Social Security numbers on their cards. As a result, family members getting a refund or making check transactions at AAFES facilities can now use their sponsor's Social Security number for ID verification instead of their own. "All they'll need is their ID card," Brewington said. "They'll no longer have to carry around their Social Security card." Eliminating family members' need to carry their Social Security cards will cut down on risk and allow minor family members greater access to AAFES services, Brewington said. "For minors, they could possibly run the risk of losing their card," he said. "And secondly, minors who are not of driving age generally do not have a second form of ID with their Social Security number on it, so they would be excluded from those transactions even though they are authorized customers." For more information, call Brewington at 706-687-0142.