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USAG DAEGU - USAG Daegu added a new Army Safety Excellence Award Streamer May. 5, at the 61st Annual Excellence in Federal Government Awards Program and EXPO hosted by Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board to recognize as many Federal employees as possible. It acknowledges the garrison's aggressive accident prevention activities over the past year. It is the first such award for the garrison.

For winning the award, the garrison received a Safety Excellence Award Streamer, which will be displayed on the garrison guidon for FY17.

"Receiving the award encourages a safety culture at United States Army Garrison Daegu," said Joe Cabrera, USAG Daegu & Area IV Safety Manager. "By doing the things we did to get the award, we are making people aware of the Safety Program at USAG Daegu. This streamer represents our staff's commitment to safety. I'm very proud of the USAG Daegu team for earning this recognition"

USAG Daegu did not have any Class A or Class B accidents which are defined as a high property loss or damage in an accident from Jan 2016 to Dec 2016. Moreover USAG Daegu reached 100% completion of Risk Management Training of a total population of 837 and Army Readiness Assessment Program.

USAG Daegu had risk-assessment training to give employees and supervisors a basic understanding of safety risk and understanding of any inherent risks associated with certain positions.

"Our strategic safety goal is to build on a compliance driven program to nurture a culture where safety is instinctive and intuitive in all operations and activities," said Cabrera. "As we improve our own safety posture, we also have to provide safety support and services to tenant and training units to improve their safety practices. We must ensure that everything we do is moving us closer to exemplary safety performance."

USAG Daegu provides various Safety Training such as summer & winter Seasonal Safety Campaign, Exposure Based Training and Additional Duty Safety Officer/Collateral Duty Safety Orientation.

Exposure Based Training is focused on Directorate of Public Works and Morale Welfare and Recreation personnel who handle heavier industrial equipment to provide safety education on how to manage risks on a daily basis.

"During any event we involved with, we ensure we do risk assessment to identify any risk or hazard to protect and eliminate dangers completely. We do that not only for internal garrison but also for all community. We always have safety personnel on site, doing community events to make sure safety in a priority," said Cabrera.

For more information about safety and safety program in USAG Daegu, contact 768-7233.