REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama -- The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command and Team Redstone Cyber Executive Steering Group hosted the 2017 Team Redstone Exhibition, or TREx, June 1.TREx is a demonstration of realistic cyber-attacks conducted against mission systems owned and operated by several organizations in the Redstone Arsenal community."Exhibitions like today are important because we, as a cyber-community, have to figure out how we can do advanced cyber testing on military systems in a lab environment as opposed to on deployed operational systems," said Rob Goldsmith, USASMDC/ARSTRAT Cyber Integration director. "We have to figure out how to do that, and do it effectively, and how to work as a community and leverage the capabilities each organization brings to the table."Participating organizations include SMDC, the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center, the Program Executive Office - Aviation and the Redstone Test Center. Team Redstone participants refer to the demonstration environment as the Integrated Mission Performance and Cybersecurity Testbed. IMPACT is an enduring capability providing a distributed, reconfigurable, multi-level security environment for executing advanced cyber testing."IMPACT is what we are trying to showcase here," Goldsmith said. "TREx is kind of a snapshot to show what is possible in a lab environment to stress systems against an advanced cyber-attack. IMPACT is what is going to go beyond today where analysts can bring their systems into a reconfigurable distributive environment to perform attacks on systems to stress them in ways they can't do it once they are deployed."The TREx was held at the Redstone Test Center's Distributed Test Control Center. Attendees also visited the SMDC Future Warfare Center Simulation Center and the AMRDEC Software Engineering Directorate System Aviation Interoperability Lab. Both labs participated in the TREx cyber demonstration through the distributed IMPACT environment.Redstone Arsenal is a leader for the Army and the DoD in cyber when it comes to achieving Mission Assurance and providing cyber support to the Materiel Development community. The Team Redstone ESG directed their organizations to execute TREx as a means of showcasing that leadership and technical expertise to key cyber stakeholders."We are all in this together," said retired Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast, chairman, Cyber Huntsville Advisory Council. "This is really a partnership, unlike any of the other threats we have seen, from something that happens at your home or something that threatens national security. Everyone is involved, whether it is an individual, industry, academia and in the government. We are really and truly an interconnected world at this point."This is about mitigating vulnerabilities because we will never be fully safe," she added. "The minute we think we have something solved, somebody comes up with a new idea that can be used against us. This is truly a target rich environment here because we have a lot of national assets here with Team Redstone between NASA, the Missile Defense Agency, SMDC and all of the other activities here on post. We are all working in concert to solve hard problems."