FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- Dr. Margaret M. Brown, secretary for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command plans and operations directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff, has been working with a local Girl Scout troop in an effort to enhance their reading and writing skills, as 21 of them became published authors.

Brown volunteers for the Youth Empowerment Reading, Writing, and Publishing Program, a literacy program that produces young authors.

"I volunteer for the Youth Empowerment Reading, Writing and Publishing Program, which is aimed at educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom," Brown said.

"It is my passion to improve reading and writing skillsets in our youth. I do this because over 93,000,000 adults in the U.S. read at or below the basic level needed to successfully contribute to society."

Brown says she has been volunteering her time often throughout the years, but that her focus has been primarily set on the YERWPP since 2012.

"What I hope to accomplish is to train a new generation of literary minds and encourage educational, evidence-based practices that will help define how reading and writing literacy is implemented within the education system," Brown said.

Brown edited dozens of short stories submitted by the young authors, and published tales of their favorite experiences within the troop. Each girl received a copy of the book containing their collective stories.

The Girl Scouts were holding their "bridging ceremony," May 23 at the St. Patricks Catholic Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina, a ceremony where they progress to the next "rank" within their troop. Brown's young writer's graduation ceremony was held immediately after.

As the Girl Scouts participating in Brown's program were individually called, they walked to the podium to receive their certificates and a copy of their book. With smiles on their faces, they sat at a table meant for the young authors to host a book signing.

Brown selflessly devotes her time for the betterment of the Fayetteville community, and works tirelessly to improve the literary skillsets of young writers. If you volunteer or know someone within USASOC, who volunteers in their local community, let us know so that we can highlight them in our monthly USASOC volunteer feature. For more information contact the USASOC Public Affairs Office,