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Chaplains, chaplain assistants, Soldiers and Families of Area IV gathered May 12, at the Camp Walker Chapel Annex to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the Chaplain Corps. The anniversary luncheon was hosted by the Area IV United States Army Garrison Daegu Garrison Chaplain Office.

"We are here because chaplains are supporting all the Soldiers and Family members spiritually, ethically, morally and encouraging them, especially in war time." said Lt. Col Sun S. Macupa, Area IV USAG Daegu Garrison Command Chaplain. When units deploy to war zones, the chaplains are with them. Chaplains can make huge differences in the Army."

During the celebration, people received lunch and listened music song by the Korean Women of the Chapel and Protestant Women of the Chapel. At the end of the celebration, Chaplain Macupa, chaplain assistants, and KATUSA cut the cake to celebrate the 242nd anniversary.

"I am proud that we can celebrate the many years of chaplains being in the Army," said Macupa. "It is very meaningful being able to provide spiritual leadership to the community. We are all proud to serve as chaplain and chaplain assistants."

Since July 29, 1777, Congress approved the position of chaplain in the United States Army. Chaplains conduct religious church services, give counseling, tend to spiritual emotional welfare and moral support to the armed forces. The American Revolutionary War (1775--1783) was the first military engagement of chaplain corps. Since the American Revolutionary War, chaplains have served in every American conflicts such as American Civil War, Korean War and Gulf War, providing services that solace the mind. The position of chaplain assistant was created to support the work of chaplains.