FORT GORDON, Ga.--(March 20,2009) The Army Family Action Plan Program is a grassroots, Army-wide initiative to identify and prioritize issues to enhance standards of living for Soldiers and their Families. AFAP's mission is to provide a mechanism to influence quality of life changes by alerting Army leadership to well-being concerns.

The Fort Gordon annual AFAP Conference concluded Feb. 26. Delegates, comprised of active duty military, Family members, retirees and civilians, came together at the U.S. Army Reserve Center for two days to discuss quality of life issues that were submitted into this year's conference. The 87 delegates, placed into five different workgroups, worked through a total of 150 issues over the two day period. By the end of the conference, the top five issues had been identified.

Aca,!AcSchool Zoning for Military Installations
Aca,!AcInstallation Recycling Program
Aca,!AcEmergency Room Wait Time Too Long
Aca,!AcExtend 75-Day Period for Household Claims for Surviving Family members
Aca,!AcClothing Sales Store

All the conference issues will go forward to the Commander's Steering Committee, April 14. Those issues with Army-wide impact and merit will be forwarded to the Training and Doctrine Command for inclusion in their AFAP Conference, which will be held in May. The remaining issues will be reviewed for feasibility and measurable objectives and staffed through the appropriate directorates.

Special thanks are extended to the AFAP Advisory Committee for the long hours and hard word put into the conference planning.

This year's committee members are: Beth Foley, Janice Clark, Mark Napper, Joan Bryant, Cindy Horoho, Beth Dixon, Virginia Hindbaugh, Patricia Washington, Sara Clow, Toiota Ulcena, Denise Frazier-Meadows, Sonya Zoller, Gail Fitzpatrick, Nancy Moore, Susie Waldman, Lynn Harshman and Kim Lyons.