WIESBADEN, Germany -- U.S. Army Europe's G-6, or communications division, now offers a one-day Safeguarding Privacy and Enhancing Army Records Systems, or SPEARS, information course for service members, civilians and contractors within the command.

The eight-hour class covers personally identifiable information, the Army Records Information Management System, the Freedom of information Act and the Privacy Act and is ideal for records managers.

Every staff office, brigade and battalion must appoint a records manager to serve as the unit contact for the Army Records Information Management System.

Unit records managers are the point of contact for access to and release of the organization's stored records. The Army Records Information Management System, or ARIMS, applies to paper and electronic information in any media and any format.

The course objectives address strategies for unit records managers and inform them on how to categorize information, implement security controls and utilize the corresponding systems.

Upcoming class locations and dates can be found on the Army Europe Information Technology Training website, https://aeitt.ext.eur.army.mil/, which is only accessible to users with a CAC-reader.


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