CAMP ARIFJAN, KUWAIT - In Army tradition when a unit departs command their colors are cased and when the incoming unit takes command their colors are uncased. This time honored tradition continued on board the Logistics Support Vehicle - 6 (LSV-6) during a transfer of authority ceremony between the incoming 548th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (CSSB) and the outgoing 553rd CSSB at Kuwait Naval Base on April 17, 2017.
The 553rd CSSB, also known as the "Gunslingers" out of Fort Hood, Texas, completed their nine month deployment to Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield. The "Gunslingers" provided movement support to several locations throughout the Southwest Asia.
The 553rd CSSB was attached to the 369th Sustainment Brigade (SB), whose overall mission is to oversee sustainment operations in more than 10 countries throughout Southwest Asia, providing both supplies and services to units throughout the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of operations.
"Some accomplishments we achieved during this deployment was to deploy our Soldiers to five different countries in the central command area of operations to conduct sustainment operations in support of operations in the Middle East," said Lt. Col. Lucas S. Hightower, commander of the 553rd CSSB.
The 369th SB headquarters oversees four battalions, comprised of units representing all components of the Army such as Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard. These units worked together in order to ensure that the mission in Kuwait was successful and flawlessly executed.
"This is my second deployment and I would say it was challenging because I have never worked hand and hand with the Reserve or the National Guard. It was an honor and a privilege serving with them and learning their systems," said Command Sgt. Maj. Antheena Felton, senior enlisted advisor of the 553rd CSSB.
Soldiers from the 553rd CSSB worked hard and showed dedication towards completing the mission and leaving a strong foundation for the next unit to take over and be successful.
"The 553rd did a phenomenal job. They more then met my expectations. They exceeded it in almost every category," said Col. Stephen M. Bousquet, Commander of the 369th SB. "The mission command to the junior enlisted Soldiers, day in and day out, executing a very complex and difficult mission was nothing short of spectacular."
The goals that Bousquet has for the 548th CSSB remain in line with the goals and expectations that Lt. Col. Douglas C. Thomson, Commander of the 548th CSSB, has for his unit.
"I want to have a safe mission, with a safe rotation with no injuries and take what we are doing up to the next level from what the 553rd CSSB left," said Thompson. "The 553rd CSSB left us a phenomenal formation and we will pick up where they left off. We are happy to be here."