FORT BELVOIR, (Virginia) --In January, Addley Saimbert, Jr. got a true taste of what life is like in show business when he particiA,Apated in the International Presentation of Performers in Los Angeles.

'It was a lot of fun and tiring. You wake up early and go to bed late,' Addley said. 'It was a lot of effort.' Addley's mother, Michelle, was thoroughly impressed with his willingA,Aness to work long hours while at the competition.

'He didn't go to compete; he went to enjoy the experiA,Aence,' Michelle said. ' Whatever he did, he liked it so much he put everyA,Athing he had into it. He reA,Aally put 300 percent into the competition.

'He got a piece of how acA,Ators work. He was tired, hungry and he handled it very well. That's how I know my son loves what he is doA,Aing and it encourages me to keep investing in him beA,Acause this is his passion,' Michelle said.

Addley Jr., 12, is a sevA,Aenth- grader at Walt Whitman Middle School. He is a musician, singer, dancer and actor who plays the saxophone in the school band and is also proficient at the guitar and drums.

In addition to participatA,Aing in the arts, Addley also plays on many of Fort Belvoir's youth sports teams, including basketball, football, baseball and socA,Acer.

His hard work paid off when, at the end of the comA,Apetition, he received an award for the Junior Male Dancer of the Year.

Addley also received four callbacks from agents who saw him at the competition. Addley's father, Sgt. 1st Class Addley Saimbert, asA,Asigned to the 12th Aviation Battalion, thought the exA,Aperience was pretty exhilaA,Arating.

' It was pretty exciting and it's awesome,' Saimbert said. ' For him to go out there and put out his best, and put all his energy into it, and he won a trophy for

'It may be a lot of money, but, one day, it will be worth it. It's what he wants to do and we try our best to supA,Aport him and push him in that direction,' Saimbert said.

Since January, the Saimbert family has been busy sending out headshots and speaking with agents who have contacted them about representing Addley. They recently returned from a visit to L. A., where one of the top agents signed on to represent him.

While out there for the initial interview, the agency chose to keep him for an exA,Atra week to work on some new shows, commercials and a feature film project. The agency wanted to keep longer to audition for more commercials, but Addley had to come home to return to school.

According to Michelle, she is planning to move to L.A. in May, so Addley will be able to work there when his schedule allows.

'We are blessed to have one of the top agents and managers in Los Angeles representing our son,' Michelle said. 'Their team is working hard to make him a star and we are happy they enjoy working with him.'