REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (May 17, 2017) -- May 14th marked the 10 year anniversary at AMRDEC for mechanical engineer, Mitch Eubank."I sat down with the Prototype Integration Facility's Program Manager, Danny Featherston my first semester of college for a co-op interview," said Eubank. "I officially started work the summer after my freshman year, and I've been here ever since!"Although he has worked on various aviation projects, Eubank currently serves as the PIF's mechanical lead for the Multi-Mission Launcher program. In this role, he manages the development of the production level Technical Drawing Package and oversees fabrication issues related to our prototype assets. Eubank also leads the PIF's MML Test Team. Recently, the team has been preparing for component qualification testing set to begin later this year."I love seeing conceptual ideas transition into reality," said Eubank. "Often times this transition requires individuals who can translate difficult concepts into executable actions. In my role as an engineer at the PIF, I frequently serve as this link between technical subject matter experts and fabrication shop technicians. My technical education has equipped me to understand the complex requirements. My on the job experience at the PIF, combined with a personal drive to help others clearly understand the task ahead, has enabled me to assist our team with evolving ideas into tangible products."A key component of his responsibilities include the maturation of Technical Data Packages. In order for a product to be fabricated, tested, and eventually fielded, it must first be designed and captured on an engineering drawing."I work daily to ensure that my team is producing timely and quality technical data that ensures readiness for our ultimate customer, the Solider."Eubank has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Alabama and has also received the Department of Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for his contributions to the MML Program.Eubank not only serves as a leader in his workplace, but also in his personal life. "I enjoy serving as a leader within my local church, Summit Crossing Community Church. I also enjoy attending local concerts, playing guitar, and helping my lovely wife become the best bee keeper in all Madison County!"---"Workforce Wednesday" highlights members of the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center serving in a variety of capacities. The series is presented by the AMRDEC Public Affairs Office. For more information, or to nominate someone, email