Directorate of Emergency Services Provost Marshal Office Military Police Law Enforcement MissionTo protect life and property of military and civilian personnel in Area IV, while providing professional installation security and law enforcement services, constantly considering the complexities of our host nation's environment.EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE PHONE NUMBERS: If you have a police, fire or medical emergency call 911!If you have a non-emergency complaint call CAMP WALKER MP DESK: 764-4141 | 05033644141 CAMP CARROLL MP DESK: 765-8310 | 05033658310 USAG DAEGU INFORMATION LINE: 764-4094 | 05033644064The Military Police Operations section is responsible for the daily operations of law enforcement patrols, emergency response dispatching and the Military Police station.These functions include: LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICES MILITARY POLICE PATROLLING MILITARY POLICE DESK OPERATIONS 911 DISPATCHING LIAISON WITH CIVILIAN LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS TRAFFIC ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS POLICE INVESTIGATIONS FLEET MANAGEMENT MILITARY WORKING DOG FUNDS ESCORT AWOL APPREHENSION SPECIAL EVENTS SUPPORT EMERGENCY SERVICESMilitary Police Patrols are responsible for enforcing all laws, regulations and policies; deterring crime through alert patrolling; responding to calls for assistance; assisting stranded motorists; and promoting a positive image of USAG Daegu/Area IV.The Military Police Desk is responsible for receiving, coordinating and dispatching all emergency responders to an incident on USAG Daegu/Area IV.The Military Police Desk also assists individuals with general information requests.