When it comes to Army Aviation -- Space, Weight and Power are the primary considerations.When it comes to Army Missiles -- High Speed, Low Drag and Lethality are the primary considerations.When it comes to combing the two, Maj. Gen. Doug Gabram, AMCOM Commander, recently presented how the Aviation and Missile Command is poised to support the Army's Number One Priority: Readiness.Specifically, at last week's 18th Annual AUSA Missile Symposium, the Commander spelled out: - What AMCOM does - How AMCOM is operationalizing the Avenger Weapon System requirement - How the Multi-Mission Launcher is innovating the Acquisition process"Our Core Competencies are involved in all phases of the Acquisition Cycle," Gabram said. "A year ago, the Army Materiel Command Mission Realignment Order brought the Army Contracting Command-Redstone and the Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center under the Operational Control of AMCOM, which we call 'Unified Action.'"Using Unified Action, the command is devoted to developing and delivering Materiel Readiness."Every morning at Zero Six hundred I get PATRIOT and THAAD status reports from around the world," Gabram said. "We're always at 95 plus percent ready, but I always ask: Are we good after the first shot; can we shoot again; can we sustain ourselves?"In line with answering that question, the Army needs a Short Range Air Defense capability, and AMCOM is preparing to meet that need with a production and sustainment team effort."We are working to operationalize Letterkenny Army Depot in Pennsylvania to recapitalize and overhaul Line Replaceable Units that will make this short Range Air Defense effort happen," Gabram said. "Our Supply Chain Management Integration, Contracting Assistance, Design and Analysis are all vectored to get these much-needed weapon systems back in the fight."Thirdly, the Multi-Mission Launcher -- in effect -- will see the Army as an Original Equipment Manufacturer."The MML is new way of looking at things," Gabram said. "We're moving out. This is government designed, government integrated and government produced at Letterkenny. There are however, many public private partnerships involving the MML."Synchronization, Collaboration and Teamwork are the quicker, faster keys to making the MML an Operational Combat Weapon System for warfighters.The Commanding General ended by showing the attendees two minutes of a recent CBS News 60 Minutes segment, featuring Gen. Vincent Brooks, Commanding General of United States Forces Korea, on the Demilitarized in Korea."I ask you for your continued willingness to pitch in, so that we can be ready to fire that second shot if needed," Gabram concluded to the audience. "We can't do what we do, without you."