The Fort Knox Equal Employment Opportunity Office is presently recruiting individuals interested in serving as Department of the Army certified collateral duty Equal Employment Opportunity counselors. The role of an EEO counselor is critical to the credibility and efficiency of the EEO program. EEO counselors conduct inquiries into complaints of discrimination and work to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. Every federal civilian employee plays a role in the success of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program and serving as a DA certified collateral duty counselor is just one way--an important way--of contributing to the Army EEO program's success.

Counselors serve as the "eyes and ears" of the EEO officer, Robert Brown, identifying early problems affecting the workforce, so that management action can be promptly taken to correct the situation. They serve as a bridge between management and the employee in an attempt to resolve complaints of discrimination at the lowest level possible."

Current Department of the Army appropriated or nonappropriated fund civilian employee on Fort Knox at the GS-05 level, WG/WL/WS or NAF equivalent, or higher interested in serving as a counselor should advise their supervisor and discuss their availability for such an assignment. Minimum requirements include that the interested party have excellent listening, communication and writing skills; be able to deal effectively with people from diverse backgrounds; be able to maintain objectivity and neutrality in confrontational situations; must be motivated and available to serve in such a critical role for a minimum of two years; and required to attend mandatory monthly counselor training events.

In order to meet Department of the Army's requirements, prospective counselors will attend a 36-hour, five-day training event which must lead to certification. This training is scheduled for July 10-14 and completed nomination packets should be returned to the Fort Knox EEO Office no later than June 15.

Serving as an EEO counselor provides individuals an excellent opportunity to develop skills which are required in many career fields. While serving as a counselor individuals are able to plan and organize an inquiry; provided the opportunity to work and communicate effectively with all levels of employees and management; prepare and write required reports; review regulations and policies regarding personnel management; interface with various organizational elements; and facilitate the resolution of complaints through innovative methods.

Nomination packets have been provide to the various commands on Fort Knox to be provide to each organizations employees who may be interested or individuals can contact the Fort Knox EEO complaints manager, Ken Wagner, for a nomination packet, questions or additional information.

For more information, call the EEO Office at (502) 624-6196/3171/1325.