It has been called the toughest job in the Army and it boasts a membership almost the size of the number of current active duty Soldiers. They are called Military Spouses and they have their day on May 12.In a recent Department of Defense Demographics Report, there are more than 303,000 Army spouses that support their military husbands and wives. More than 93% of spouses are female but the number of male spouses have increased as women are finding more opportunities in the Army.In 1984 President Ronal Reagan declared a May 23, 1984, as the first Military Spouse Day. It was later standardized as being held on the Friday before Mother's Day.USASOC recognizes the sacrifice spouses make while their husbands and wives are deployed."Our spouses are a critical component of the Army Special Operations team," Lt. Gen. Ken Tovo, command general U.S. Army Special Operations Command. "While we officially honor our military spouses for a single day in May, we recognize that they give selflessly all year long -- to their families, communities, the mission, and to each other. Our spouses are strong, courageous and compassionate. Their extraordinary commitment and dedication is what makes them so remarkable."