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ARLINGTON, VA (May 10, 2017) -- The Army Study Program Management Office (ASPMO) released the Army Study Program (ASP) Guidance for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) on 27 April. The release of the FY18 guidance is the "kick off" to the annual study development and nomination process. Study sponsors have guidance and templates to develop study proposals and compete for funding at the Army Scoring Conference in August. In early Fall, the Study Program Coordination Committee, chaired by the Deputy Chiefs of Staff G-8 and G-3/5/7, will meet to give final approval for the program. The annual execution of the approved program results in valuable information to address issues facing Senior Leadership, cost savings and/or cost avoidance, and other important returns on investment for the Army.

Beginning in FY18, the Army Study Program and the RAND Arroyo Center program will be more closely aligned and share priorities that have been approved by the Vice Chief of Staff, Army. The RAND Arroyo Center is the U.S. Army's primary Federally Funded Research and Development Center, and is a separate program funded by Congress. Alignment of the priorities for these programs will ensure that the analysis results are broadly applicable and encourage maximum participation from organizations throughout the Army. By keeping the programs in sync, we will make certain that studies are appropriate, necessary, and provide the greatest return on investment (ROI). The ASPMO and participants in the Army Study Program consider ROI when scoring proposals for funding.

There are ten study priorities laid out in the FY18 Army Study Program Guidance. They are: Total Force Readiness; Challenges to Army in the Future Fight; Expeditionary Army Capabilities and Capacity; Current and Emerging Gaps: Fires, Air/Missile/UAS Defense, Armor, Cyberspace, Information/Coercion, Electronic Warfare, Multi-Domain/A2AD; Training and Leader Development; Soldier and Family Resiliency; Organic Industrial Base, Munitions and Enterprise Logistics; Generating Force Readiness: Army Workforce Mix; Security Assistance, Stabilization and Counter-Extremism; and Army Financial Management, Information Technology, Real Property Management, Health Care Management, Human Resources, Procurement.

The FY18 Army Study Guidance provides an intentionally broad range of topics covering a wide spectrum of issues facing both the overall Army, and specific commands. The guidance is intended to ensure inclusion of the missions of organizations, which vary greatly. The FY18 guidance accommodates these missions while maintaining focus on the issues of highest priority to Army Senior Leadership.

The FY18 HQDA Army Study Program Development memorandum, released on 27 April 2017, provides specific instructions for the development and submission of study proposals for the FY18 HQDA study program. Anyone with AKO access can log in to AKO and access the memorandum at: Study Program Coordination Committee members that wish to submit proposals for inclusion in the FY18 program should work with their study coordinators, or contact the Director of ASPMO, Ms. Meghan Mariman at:

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