Emergency Essential and Mission Essential Civilian Training took place at Camp Henry on Apr. 24."It is training for a contingency to get people familiar and aware of things that might seen during a war," said Sam Deboard, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security training manager. "EEC is Emergency Essential Civilian that is normally American civilians and Mission Essential Civilian is for people who are Korean.The training consists of First Aid, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosives refresher and Improvised Explosive Device Awareness training.Members of the Korean Service Corps and KATUSA taught subjects such as maintaining assigned protective mask, protecting from CBRNE injury and how to perform first aid in emergency situations."It was useful training for not only the civilians, but also for a KATUSA like me because the things we learned were all usable in real combat situations," said Pfc. Lee, Hyun-chang, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, United States Army Garrison Daegu. "Because people actually had to try on the protective mask and practice First Aid, they left with confidence in the training and their abilities."Attendees practiced wearing protective masks and splinting a broken arm. Deboard taught the IED awareness class for things that civilians should look for. To reinforce the IED training, participants rode in a van and located potential IEDs located on Camp Henry."Training was really interesting and closely related to our everyday life," said Ingrid Walsh-Brown, director, Directorate of Human Resources. "We learned information regarding what is expected if there is contingency. I always love first aid, but I was surprised when they made stretcher using their jackets. The things I learned today can be useful not only in contingency situations but every day in my life."