United States Army Garrison Daegu Emerging Leaders Creating Unity by Engagement program held a lecture at the Camp Walker Chapel Annex on Apr. 28.

"During each CUBE session, Col. Stephens finds an opportunity to introduce the students to a local business leader, said Ingrid Walsh-Brown, director, USAG Daegu Directorate of Human Resources. "The local leader addresses the students in the CUBE and discusses how to extend your influence in business in Korea."

For this Emerging Leaders CUBE, USAG Daegu invited outside visitor, Prof. Hwang, Ui-wook and Prof. Lorne Hwang of Kyung-pook National University.

"Today, I think we have a really fortunate opportunity," said USAG Daegu Commander Col. Ted Stephens. "As we work through our leader development course and as we built the scholastic foundation for our program learning that has taken place at this point, we're going to augment our classes today with a guest lecture."

The main speaker of this lecture is Prof. Hwang, Ui-wook, who was an invited scholar at Harvard, and teaches Biology. He mainly spoke about extending influence and leadership not only from a business perspective but also from an educational perspective.

"I was so impressed about the video he showed us during the lecture," said Son, Seung-min, intern, Plans, Analysis and Integration Office.

Hwang showed a video of people playing ball and let attendees count how many balls were thrown. After the video finished, the attendees knew how many balls that were thrown, but most of them missed the gorilla.

"The gorilla was almost the same size as a human, and it even stayed and danced in the middle of the stage," said Hwang. "If we look at the same information, many people cannot process some of it, always nobody is perfect. It is crucial to be humble, and we should give more chances to other people as a leader."

At the end of the lecture, he emphasized never giving up. "Even though you are in really difficult situations, always we have to think about there is something we cannot notice yet," said Hwang.