HONOLULU -- Each year Regional Health Command-Pacific's (RHC-P) Best Warrior Competition (BWC) identifies Soldiers who demonstrate commitment to the Army values, embody the warrior ethos and represent the force of the future. "The Na Koa Best Warrior Competition selects the non-commissioned officer and Soldier to participate at the MEDCOM level competition," explains Command Sgt. Major Richard F. Watson, RHC-P's senior enlisted advisor. "The individuals selected will best represent RHC-P, the Army and MEDCOM values while demonstrating the Army Warrior Ethos."Seventeen elite competitors from around RHC-P tested their Army aptitude by conquering urban warfare simulations, board interviews, physical fitness tests, written exams as well as warrior tasks and battle drills relevant to today's operating environment, during the week of May 1-5.Sgt. Ryan Harpster and Spc. Lyndon Wright, both from Medical Department Activity-Alaska (MEDDAC-AK), came out of battle as RHC-P's non-commissioned officer of the year and Soldier of the Year. Both will now represent the region at the MEDCOM level competition in July 2017, which takes place in San Antonio, Texas.During the full week of competition, warriors faced a combatives contest, an obstacle course, a mystery event, day and night land navigation, a small arms range shoot, a ruck march as well as written and oral boards. The warriors' first task entailed taking the Army physical fitness test and meeting the Army required weight/height standards. This was only the beginning of the testing of their physical endurance.The Soldier's then faced an obstacle course challenge which pushed their confidence and physical abilities. Next, the Warrior was required to successfully zero an M4 rifle, followed by the combatives competition, which tested their resolve during face-to-face combat. These tasks cultivated personal courage, toughness, balance, upper body strength and agility.This year, competitors faced an additional challenge, a mystery event to test their reaction and their ability to adapt and overcome a situation quickly and decisively. The mystery event consisted of two trials presented only when the competitor stepped up to take the challenge. The tasks were designed to see how well Warriors think on their feet while under both physical and mental stress.The first event was an individual timed kayak race. Competitors navigated a beach and ocean course in full uniform. The second part of the mystery event was also a timed event involving a blindfolded M16 and M9 assembly and functions check.As in previous years the competition included a day and night land navigation course and a ruck march."The region's Best Warrior competition reflects the mission, strategic vision and goals of Army Medicine while supporting the AMEDD Enlisted Corps. The outcome is our corps is trained, ready and responsive," states Watson.Competitors were represented from all over RHC-P's area of responsibility in the Pacific including Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, San Diego and Washington state.This year's competitors included Staff Sgt. Austin Frutig, Staff Sgt. Jacody Lewis, Sgt. Roderick Carmichael, Sgt. Harold Cortes, Sgt. Kenneth Gurley, Sgt. Ryan Harpster, Sgt. Clinton Kesselring, Sgt. Jamie Murphy, Sgt. Daniel Sullivan, Spc. Brennan Baier , Spc. Tyrus Gould, Spc. Taylor Guthrie, Spc. Ramon Hidalgo, Spc. Donte Jennings, Spc. Conrad Norman, Spc. Harish Rao, Spc. Lyndon Wright.