FORT MYER, Va. -- Hugs and handshakes abounded as members and supporters of the Ministry of Interior-Military Assistance Group gathered Thursday at the Patton Club to celebrate the unit's activation.
"We are committed to supporting Saudi Arabia and taking on greater leadership roles in counter-terrorism and regional security. MOI-MAG plays a key role in helping our two countries work together to achieve these objectives," Timothy Lenderking, deputy assistant secretary of state for Arabian Peninsula Affairs Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, said.
Hosted by Col. Gary McGinnis, program manager MOI-MAG, the guest list for the event included foreign dignitaries, Department of State officials, and several general officers as well as military and civilian guests, all of whom have a vested interest in the continued success of this partnership.
With a force of approximately 250 Soldiers and civilians involved in the MOI-MAG mission either on the ground or in support, there is a considerable investment in the success of this bilateral partnership that enhances not only the readiness of our Soldiers in the training force, but the forces of the Ministry of Interior.
The training and advising that MOI-MAG provides to the Ministry of Interior forces is designed to address a heightened security environment and physical threats faced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia around and within its borders.
The expertise MOI-MAG provides includes engineering and explosive ordnance, antiterrorism and force protection. They utilize a combination of field exercises, classroom instruction and other training opportunities making this partnership necessary in today's volatile and uncertain environment.
MOI-MAG is a subordinate organization of the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command. USASAC conducts foreign military sales and security assistance for our partner nations. MOI-MAG joined USASAC in October 2016 and is unique mission that partners with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior.
Trust plus teamwork equals strength in cooperation and MOI-MAG continues to embrace that concept as they train together with the Ministry of Interior to protect not only our homeland but the Kingdom of Saudi as the two countries work together to invest in readiness for what the future brings.