FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- On May 2, the Office of Personnel Management sent out the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, an annual government-wide poll that measures federal employees' perceptions regarding critical work-life areas that drive employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention in the workforce. The survey will close June 13.

According to JoAnna Elliot, Chief of Civilian Human Resources Division, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, 621 USASOC employees were selected to participate in the survey. These employees will help provide USASOC leaders with valuable insight into agency strengths and challenges, in turn, ensuring it has an effective Civilian workforce.

"A successful agency fosters conditions essential to an engaged workforce to ensure each employee can reach his or her potential and contribute to the success of the agency. Research shows a relationship between employee engagement and performance; analysis of FEVS data shows similar results," Elliot said. "The results help identify trends in the workplace from the perspective of the employees, highlighting areas that show success and also areas that need improvement."

Elliot points out that USASOC placed 2nd in the Army for the last three years, 1st in SOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command) component last year, and 19th out of 320 within all federal agency subcomponents. She expects USASOC to score well in 2017 as well. Regardless of the USASOC's ranking, the command will use the results to continue making improvements.

"Engaged employees are: more innovative, more productive, more committed, more satisfied, and less likely to leave. (This survey) Allows the employees the chance to have their voices heard and also allows continuous improvement opportunities through engagement levers."

Federal employees who were invited to participate are encouraged to take the survey and provide their perspectives on their command climates. It gives them an opportunity to foster change that will help build a positive work environment. The more people participate, the more insight the command gains into employees' views.

The survey was sent to individuals via enterprise email. For USASOC employees, that means they will have to log in to Army Knowledge Online:

-Click on the email tab at the top right in order to access your account.
-There will (in most cases) be a redirect link that says "check my enterprise email" click the link.
- Click "ok" when you see the DoD warning banner.
-When prompted, select the "DOD EMAIL CA-32" certificate. Do not select the "DOD CA-32" certificate.
-You may get a "f5 Big IP logout" notice during this process, if this occurs simply close that tab and repeat the process, it will work.

For any questions or for more information about the FEVS, please contact USASOC CHRD.