Diane Corlew is always up for an adventure. As a new Garrison intern, she is excited about the opportunities and new direction her career is taking.

"It's really exciting to have the opportunity to learn so much about what goes on at the Garrison and how it all comes together to make everything work for the Arsenal," she said. "It's really exciting to be a part of the first group of interns."

Corlew actually began her Army career as a Soldier. She joined the Army when her husband, Edward, re-enlisted in 1989. Corlew spent four years active duty, serving in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

"I was deployed during that time," she said. "My husband deployed with the same unit. We were in different companies, but the same battalion."

Her husband continued serving while she returned to civilian life. She began working for the government as administrative support while her husband was stationed in Pennsylvania. The couple returned to this area after her husband retired.

"We're from the middle Tennessee area," she said. "After he retired, we stayed in Pennsylvania for awhile because of my job. But we wanted to move back here to be closer to family."

She began working at Army Community Service in 2007 as administrative support before moving to the Garrison where she also worked as an administrative assistant. She entered the intern program March 1, but will not begin her rotations until her current position is filled.

"I'm still here during the transition period until someone comes in or the vacancy is settled," she said. "Then I will be rotating throughout the different directorates. There's a lot to learn about what goes on."

Her Garrison education got off to a running start when she and her fellow interns were able to participate in the Garrison's Memphis off-site on Feb. 17-20.

"We got to interface with the different directors throughout the Garrison," Corlew said. "We got to know them. They got to know us and get an idea about our backgrounds."

Corlew has a bachelor's degree in English and office administration from the University of North Alabama and a master's in business administration and management from Augusta State University in Georgia. While most of her previous work has been in administrative support, she looks forward to new paths in the Garrison intern program.

"I'd like to get into the program analyst and management field," she said. "With my background in the Army, there is potential there, too. All of that is still being worked out."

Corlew volunteers as an Army Family Team Building instructor in the evenings. She enjoys spending time with her two daughters, Peggy, 15, and Sarahevelyn, 10. Lately, the family of four has been doing a lot of bowling. They also do plenty of traveling together. Corlew also hopes to refresh the language training she received as a Soldier.

"I studied Russian for a year. I spoke it when I got out (of the Army)," she said. "I'm trying to go back and brush up on it. I still have my books."

Hopefully, Corlew will find time for her next adventure, too.

"I want to go out to the Flying Activity and take flying lessons," she said.