Marines with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment executed training exercises while conducting a Deployment for Training exercise at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, April 22, 2017.The training consisted of quick reaction force drills, casualty evacuation exercises, and room-clearing techniques."The exercises we conducted today were QRF and room clearing," said Cpl. Kevin Wilson, a squad leader with 2nd Platoon, Fox Company. "What QRF means is if any friendly unit is in a tough bond, we'd go out and save them."The Marines trained to improve their basic infantry skills for their upcoming deployment. "I expect my Marines to learn a lot from the QRF drills," said Wilson. "They need to quickly be able to put their gear on and bring the fight to the enemy."Infantry Marines rely on small unit leadership to ensure every Marine performs to the best of their ability to accomplish the mission.Cpl. Billy Roberts, a team leader with 2nd Platoon, Fox Company, said that leading his fire team is a humbling experience."It can be very rewarding when you teach Marines new things," said Roberts. "You can see the progress they make since their first run-throughs."Anything can happen at any moment in a combat zone, so when it comes to training Marines it's important that they learn anything they can to speed up reaction time."We intend Marines receiving this training to become proficient in combat operations," said Roberts. "They need to be able to respond quickly to different contingencies at a moment's notice even if they don't know five minutes prior what they'll be doing."The training helps Marines better understand their purpose within the Corps."I feel that the training is what every single individual Marine needs to take into consideration to become a good warfighter," said Pfc. Justin Slattin, a radio operator with 2nd Platoon, Fox Company. "The new training that we do every single day will help save lives."Deployment for Training: 2/2 conducts training exercises II Marine Expeditionary Force Story by Pfc. Abrey Liggins