Growing up a military brat in Fayetteville, North Carolina, near Fort Bragg, the odds of continuing a tradition of military service to the country increases. Such was the case for Capt. David Garcia, training officer for the 597th Transportation Brigade, when he joined the Army in May 2007, as a transportation officer. Fast forward a decade, Garcia, now a captain and logistics officer, cited tradition for why he joined. "It's (the military) in my family," Garcia said. "My dad, uncles, and grandfather were all in the military. It (joining the military) was always in the back of my mind as an option." Although Garcia didn't originally choose transportation as his career field, it has grown on him over time. "Transportation and logistics is fulfilling work," Garcia said. "I've learned a lot. I enjoy it more than I enjoyed studying engineering in college." Garcia attended North Carolina State in Raleigh, a little more than an hour from home, from 2001-2007, before joining the Army. It won't be long before Garcia (promotable to the rank of major) delves back into academia as he is slated to attend the 10-month Intermediate Level Education course at the Combined General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in July. Garcia, self-described as "single and living the dream," could get used to traveling."I'm shooting for Europe," Garcia, who has family in Germany, said about his hopeful future destination. "I've always wanted to go and check it out." In the meantime, Garcia, who has one younger brother, tries to take advantage of his proximity to home and family."I try to go once a month while I'm here (at 597th)," he said.Garcia, who describes himself as "laid back and easy going," prioritizes getting the job done and self-development."I'm working on my Master's Degree right now in Supply Chain Management," he said. "I'm about half way done. That's my main goal right now."Garcia has positioned himself for success throughout his career, including his time as a commander of a petroleum supply company while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas."I learned a lot," he said of his 22 months in command. "As a captain, you want at least 12 months so I met the mark."Garcia is currently coming down the home stretch of a year-long stint with the 597th. As he prepares for the next chapter in his career, he reflects fondly upon his time with the brigade."It was definitely educational -- understanding the whole transportation world again," Garcia said. Even when Garcia isn't working, he's still all about transportation."I recently started cycling," Garcia said. "I'm getting pretty into that. I don't currently have a motorcycle, but I'll probably get one soon."In his spare time, Garcia also said he likes to catch different bands (in concert)."I like loud music," he added.His taste for music may be loud, but his personality is otherwise quite the opposite."I'm just a really laid back, easy-going type of person," Garcia reiterated. "It helps me (in my career) maintain and a calm and composed demeanor. I don't get bent out of shape easily when stuff goes wrong."