Soldiers, Families and Civilians made the most of a sunny afternoon during Fort Rucker's third annual Fit Fest Health Fair event Friday, April 21 at the Fort Rucker festival fields.

Businesses and groups from Fort Rucker and the surrounding wiregrass area offered attendees group games, activities and health information. Among the approximate 35 vendors on-site were Fort Rucker MWR, Women's Health Care of Dothan, American Family Care and many others.

"Fit Fest is designed to help improve readiness across the installation, assess health of our Soldiers, provide awareness of community wellness resources and promote team building," said Cpt. Pamela Francis, Chief of Preventive Medicine at Lyster Army Health Clinic.

Soldiers were able to compete in interactive physical challenges during the event such as planking and burpees, which got participants active and cheering on one another.

Staff Sgt. Mkadaquet Genereaux won the planking challenge, holding strong for nearly seven minutes. "I have two children so staying healthy and fit is important for me, and for them, as they get older. I want to set a good example for them," said Genereaux.

Lt. Col. James Nolin, Deputy of Nursing at Lyster Army Health Clinic said from a military standpoint events such as Fit Fest help improve Solider and Family readiness.

"Being healthy is important for overall quality of life for everyone," said Nolin. "Making sure our Soldiers and their Families are safe, healthy and fit directly contributes to health readiness overall. Fit Fest is a fun, interactive way to reach out and provide knowledge on ways to improve health and fitness."

Fit Fest is just one way for the Fort Rucker community to make a difference in their health and their family's health. Throughout the entire year Fort Rucker and Lyster Army Health Clinic offer healthy events, cooking classes and activities such as races, Zumba and yoga. Making good health decisions, even if they are small, can help add up to bigger positive lifestyle changes.